Second trimester reflection

Some people say that the second trimester of pregnancy is the honeymoon phase. Your pregnancy sickness has subsided, your bump is fully showing, and you haven’t reached the trials and tribulations of the third trimester.
Now that I am firmly planted in the third trimester at 35 weeks I can tell you that this honeymoon comparison could not be more true, at least for my pregnancy.
The second trimester was full of the best things. Chase and I got married at a surprise ceremony . We went on our honeymoon to Asheville, NC, and my sister threw me the most beautiful baby shower.
My bump grew big enough that people quit wondering if it was a baby in there or just Chipotle (to be fair it was probably both.) We finished the nursery and it’s my favorite room in the whole house, decorated and stocked with the beautiful gifts our friends, family and amazing coworkers got us.
The leaves started to change and with the beautiful fall colors came the cool weather, not a moment too soon. Cuddled up and cozy each and every night.
Mentally, I settled into the idea of becoming a mama. I can’t wait. I want to hold him and squeeze him and know him. I’m so ready for this new adventure to begin.
Growing a tiny human is exhausting yes, but I will forever look back at my second trimester as the calm before the storm.
As for the third trimester I will not be so kind…more on that soon.
Bonnie Rae xx

Capsule wardrobe 10×10

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Because my body has been changing so rapidly these past few months I’ve decided to try something a bit different- the 10×10 capsule wardrobe. Ten items, for ten days. (Started by the always amazing Caroline over at Unfancy. )
Now, I am still the biggest fan of the traditional capsule wardrobe but in all honesty I don’t know what my body is going to look like week to week and I don’t know how I’m going to feel. Tackling 10 items at a time, week by week, feels like the perfect solution.
37 items feels like to much to worry about right now and too much to replace. My style before pregnancy was entirely high waisted bottoms and boxy tops- these don’t work so well with a growing bump! But 10 items? I can find 10 items I feel comfortable in without shopping and without stress.
Pregnant or not the 10×10 capsule is a great experiment. It can allow you to find your style, to appreciate the clothing you already have and to wear items in a completely different way than you would have with your entire wardrobe at your disposal. If you’ve been wanting to try a capsule but haven’t found the energy to do so just yet, try this lighter version with me.
Unfancy’s steps for a fall 10×10: 

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Me too

Disclaimer: First, this is a very personal and honest post and I hope it will be treated as just that. Second, if sharing your story is empowering, great. If not sharing your story is empowering, great. There is no right way to be a survivor. 
“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”
It happened when I was 17, with a boy that I thought I loved. My first “real” boyfriend. At a time when I felt ugly and lonely and awkward the world told me if I had a boy that loved me and wanted me I would feel complete.
The first boy that found me didn’t know how to treat other people. He had watched his father abuse women physically and mentally his entire life and so he did the same to me.
He told me my worth was about what I could do for him, what I could give him. When we would drink at parties he did things to me I told him I wasn’t ready for when sober. I didn’t know it was rape. I didn’t know that when I said no and he didn’t listen he was in the wrong. He was my boyfriend after all, how could it be assault? If he loved me, how was it rape?
Eventually, I left. After a year of his cheating, yelling, abuse (both mental and physical) I left. I found safety in the arms of another boy. This one was much kinder. He did not pressure, he did not hurt me, he loved me. But I still traded sexual attention for self-esteem. The first boy had taught me that my body was my worth- sexual performance was equal to love.
“In adolescence, I traded the sexual attention of men for a boost in my self esteem. I didn’t get much out of those encounters for many years, but I felt temporarily less alone and more worthy. I feel bad for that teenage girl who thought she had to perform sexually to feel love. She was really funny and weird and smart and she didn’t need boys slobbering on her. She didn’t know.” Sarah Zimmerman
This initial pain was followed with years of cat calls and groping. Of men grabbing me in public and chasing me in parking garages. I would talk with the other women in my life and they responded with, “Me too.” For too long we have all been saying, “Me too” to each other, in hushed conversations and quiet confessions. And now? I don’t want to whisper it anymore. I don’t want to be silent. I want a better world for my son, my friends, my sister, for all women- all people. I want to break the silence so the next generation won’t have to experience this.
It took becoming a mother and the most patient and loving partner to figure out how to reclaim my body for me.“I’m a stronger version of me now and I have actual, real self esteem independent of others. So, until I feel like I’m again in authority of my body and using it for my purposes, I’m not compromising it again.”
How many need to tell you? To be clear: even one is too many.
Bonnie Rae xx
Teaching Kids Consent
Me too.
Photo: My Favorite Murder Instagram