What services do you specialize in? Decluttering, tidying, home organization.
Who is your typical/usual client? Individuals, families- anyone ready to simplify their life and home.
Do you offer consultations? Yes, free of charge.
What is your training and certification? I have a BS in Psychology and a M.Ed. with an emphasis on counseling. I love working with people and my approach to decluttering or simplifying is nonjudgmental, gentle, and full of understanding and support.
Can you describe a typical working session? After our first consultation online or in person I will provide you with some reading materials and videos to give you an idea of how the session(s) will look. When organizing a home space (kitchen, closet, office, etc.) we start by talking about your vision for the space.Together we will separate items by category and touch/sort each and every item. Next I will help you clean and organize all that remains into the space.  Finally, we will discuss the new space and if it matches the vision you had for your space and for your life.
How many sessions will I need? This is completely up to you. Most often, after just one session you will have the vision and techniques to carry through the rest of your home. However, some declutter and simplify best with someone by their side. For larger homes it may take multiple sessions. I can work with you until you feel comfortable simplifying on your own.
Will you make me get rid of things? No! Only you can choose what to let go of and when. I will ask you questions about an item to help guide you or I will reflect back to you important things you are saying or revealing through body language.
Do you work nights and weekends, if needed? Yes! I work as a full time academic advisor so weekends are best for me. This tends to suit my clients as well because we need to be together throughout the process.
What is your fee structure? Hourly
Can you provide references? Yes!
Please email me with any questions not addressed here (